Relying on Referrals? Use Shootster Instead! 

Today’s photographer is tasked with managing all aspects of their business, while still maintaining their relationship with their clients and producing quality work. Shootster is the most efficient tool to help photographers connect with job opportunities, process payments quicker and manage their online portfolios and client relationships more efficiently so that they can focus on what they love to do most – their art form. 

Advantages of Using Shootster

We facilitate many aspects of the photography process such as:

  • Photo Delivery- Send clients their pictures directly on Shootster
  • Finding Jobs- Showcase portfolios and search jobs by location and genre
  • Coordination- Message with clients about additional shoot details
  • Contractual Agreements- Clear ownership rights of pictures
  • Payment Processing- Receive payouts quickly and seamlessly


How can I improve my chances of getting hired? 

Uploading a strong genre specific portfolio is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Make sure that each of the pictures in the portfolio showcases your best work for the genre. Writing a detailed description of your skills and experience on your Shootster profile also increases the chances a client will hire you.

Who retains ownership rights of the photos? 

The client chooses the type of contract for the job they post. They can choose either a “work made for hire” or “limited license” contract agreement which is noted on the job post. In “work made for hire” contract agreements the client owns all rights, title and interested in the materials produced for the job but the photographer can use the materials for his/her portfolios and promotional purposes with consent from the client. In “limited license” contract agreements the client owns the rights to the materials produced for the job only on a limited, specific use basis and the photographer retains all rights, title and interest. Photographers agree to the terms of either contract agreement when applying to jobs.

How can I find the right jobs for me?

The Job Board tool makes it easy to find jobs in your vicinity and in specific genres so that you can quickly start applying to nearby jobs that fit your specialization. Carefully reading job posts to familiarize yourself with client expectations and requirements will help you decide which jobs are right for you and whether or not you should apply. If you need help applying to jobs please contact our team at and we will give your our advice!