More than Connecting You to Photographers!

Shootster gives users the ability to search for photographers based on their specific needs. Finding the right photographer that you feel comfortable and confident with is something most rely on friends and family connections for. Shootster takes the hassle and worry away by connecting you with high quality photographers on an easy-to-use, secure platform. 

Why Use Shootster?

Planning a shoot has never been easier since we help with:

  • Finding Photographers- Post a job and photographers will apply
  • Scheduling- Message with photographers to coordinate details
  • Contractual Agreements- Choose the contract type for ownership rights of pictures
  • Payment- Pay securely with your credit/debit card
  • Photo Delivery- Review and download your pictures directly on Shootster 


How can Shootster help plan my shoot?

Our team can provide guidance for selecting the right budget and photographer while addressing details you should consider for a great shoot. You can contact our team at

How do I make my shoot a success? 

The first step is to write a clear job post that states your expectations and needs. When deciding which photographer to hire, make sure to review their portfolios and profile information to determine the best fit for your shoot. After hiring your photographer, message him or her about any important details you would like to confirm.

Do I have to file tax forms for my photographer?

Generally, you do not have to file 1099-MISC forms when you hire a photographer on Shootster because they are classified as independent contractors in our Terms of Service and Form 1099 becomes our responsibility since our site is considered a “payment settlement entity”. However, we are not tax experts for your specific business and recommend that you consult a tax professional if you have any questions or concerns.