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Genre: Event
Contract Type: Work Made for Hire

Hi ,

I need a quote for video work on an event I have coming up on September 14th.

It is an all day event and I will need 2 camera people from (Unless this can be done with 1 person)


Then again from 6pm to 11pm on the same day.

In the morning there will be group introductions with proceedings of the day.

We will require 1 person on a camera shooting the stage making sure he gets audio from PA (Will be provided)

and another moving camera.

In the evening we will require both cameras to be mobile as we will be having drinks and activities. It would be good to get some voice bits of people enjoying themselves smiling having drinks etc.

We are not sure if we will require editing at this stage but could you please provide an option for

a 2 minute video and also a longer 5 minute version.

I am in meetings and conferences throughout the week so email is best form of contact,



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what I am looking for

  • Video and possibly editing

additional details

  • I can provide studio space
  • Photographer must provide equipment
  • Photographer must provide transportation
Please note:
When you apply for the job, you will be able to talk to the client about any additional details.

about the client

I am only looking for a quote at this time to present to my manager to see if we will want it done. We have our photographers already.


Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW, Australia
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date & time

Fri, September 14, 2018
1:00 pm (8 hours )


If you need more information before applying, you can ask the client a question and then apply to the job afterwards.