Gay indonesian wedding

about the job

Genre: Wedding & Engagement
Contract Type: Work Made for Hire

Jobdesc :

1. Wedding documentation in Brooklyn city clerk, attendance of 3 people : grooms & witness (my mom). Around 30 minutes, including in front of city hall.

2. Wedding pictures in 3 locations : central park, brooklyn bridge and 1 other option of your proposal (looking for places that is not garden or lake but more to city lines, sky crapper or streets with buildings). There will be pictures of me and my mom and also the 3 of us, but not that much. There will be 3 outfits : suites, crew neck white t shirt and the other one will fit with your proposal.

3. There are no specific themes or concept that we are trying to achieve, all depends on photographers  creation. However we are looking for nice romantic pictures that tell stories. It may be a combination of black and white - monochromatic and colorful pictures depends on the moments and the set.

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additional details

  • I can provide equipment
  • I can provide transportation
  • Photographer must provide stylist/makeup artist
  • I can provide props
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about the client

We are couple from Jakarta - Indonesia. We’ve been together for 4 years. My self is chinese a bit slim and tall (6ft) 34 years old. My spouse is local Indonesian, well build 5.75 ft 33 years old. My mom is a 72 year old lady that will need make up and hair do if you can provide, or we’ll just a salon nearby. She is around 5.2 ft short hair and medium size.


Brooklyn City Clerk Office, Central Park, Brooklyn
New York, NY, USA
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date & time

Fri, April 06, 2018
9:00 am (Approximately 3-4 hours)


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