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Professional Headshots

My colleague and I are looking to get professional headshots done for two separate entrepreneurial endeavors (e.g. docket.care). We are based in NYC and are happy to meet anywhere in the city. Although we're looking for a set of simple headshots, we'd prefer that the shots are youthful... somewhere between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

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Pretty much anywhere in NYC
New York, NY, USA
Sat, March 03, 2018
1:00 pm
(30-60 min.)
Short Family Session on Location

My family will be in NYC the weekend of the Belmont Stakes (June 7 - 11) and we are looking for a photographer to perform a 20-30 minute shoot on location with a signature NYC background (skyline, NYC Park fountain, time square, birdge, etc.). We would be up for suggestions on the location. The shoot is a surprise from the kids for my parents 40th anniversary. There would be a total of 11 people max in a shoot with some photos including as little a 1-2 people. There will be no wardrobe changes or multiples locations (althought a location with multitple backgrounds would be nice),so just a simple shoot. The timing will prove to be the trickiest part as we will be busy Friday night (8th) and all day Saturday (9th) with uncertainty of how early people may fly out (possibly morning of 10th). So the best time may be the morning or early-mid afternoon Friday (8th). 


Thank you. 

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New York, NY, USA
Fri, June 08, 2018
10:30 am
LOTNETWORK Annual Bridge Members Meeting

Around 150 corporate members of our organization, gathering all day for meetings and networking.

Large step and repeats with Logos for the members to stand with. Elegant Cocktail Hour and Dinner.

Photos needed for PR, must be able to own them after the event. 

May 10th LOTNETWORK All Members Annual Bridge Meeting


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Hilton San Franciso Airport Bayfront
600 Airport Boulevard, Burlingame, CA, USA
Thu, May 10, 2018
12:00 pm
(Aprox 7 hours, very casually. )
Dating site headshot

Looking for headshots for a dating profile 

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New York, NY, USA
Mon, February 26, 2018
7:00 pm
(1 hour)
Photographer needed for Corporate video


We are a software company, looking for a professional photographer for a half-day project in Purchase, New York State. The photographer will have to take video shots of some of the corporate staff members, who will be speaking certain dialogues. The photographer will have to bring their own camera, a lapel mic, a green screen for the background and some lights. We wish the videography to be taken sometime in the last week of February. 

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Purchase, New York
Purchase Street, Purchase, NY, USA
Tue, February 27, 2018
9:00 am
(2 -4 hours)

I am looking to take a one photograph of my 3 boys 2 girls and myself. 4 copies on medium size canvas.  I  may consider 1 facial foto of my wife and myself on canvass

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Casselberry, Florida
457 Meadowood Boulevard, Fern Park, FL, USA
Thu, February 28, 2019
10:00 am
(Under an hour)

Hello I am in search of a photographer for newborn pictures asap. I had someone lined up for tomorrow but they cancelled on me due to a family emergency. My daughter will be 14 days old this Wednesday so I'm scrambling around hoping to find someone available by the end of next week/weekend. 

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Addison, TX, USA
Sun, February 25, 2018
3:00 pm
(1-2 hrs)
Family photos

I'll be visiting Manhattan in April and I'm looking for a photographer for a 1 hour family photos session in central park 

We have 1 baby (2years old)

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Central park
Central Park, ניו יורק, ארצות הברית
Thu, April 05, 2018
10:00 am
(1 hour )


looking for a photographer who would be able to capture the perfect photo of my 5 year old daughter and myself. 

Something in the woods. Something natural, and less staged. 

Someone who can make me look good on film, I’m horrible at pictures. Actually my daughter is too  

let me know what other info you need  

thank you!


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Heritage Park
Heritage Park, Pardee Rd, Taylor, MI, USA
Sat, May 12, 2018
9:00 am
(1/2 day. At most. )
Vacation Photographer

Seeking a photographer in New Orleans. Myself and friends will be in town for Memorial Day Weekend and I would like to do individual photos (outdoors) somewhere in the city. Looking to stay pretty close to budget of $100-150 per person 

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New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70119, USA
Sat, May 26, 2018
10:00 am
(1-2 hours)
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